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Butterfly sitting on a person's thumb

NBHH Transitional Care

What is Transitional Care?

Transitional Care, formerly known as Swing Bed, is a patient-centered, quality driven program for patients that no longer need services in an acute care hospital; however, have specific medical, nursing or rehabilitative therapy needs that cannot be met at home.

Admission Inquiries

Patient Care Coordinator
Phone: 307-548-5266
Fax: 307-548-5267

Our team is equipped to care for patients with complex needs, including:

  • After Surgery: Cardiac, neuro, orthopedic, abdominal, and more

  • Wound Care: Special attention for wound healing

  • Intravenous (I.V.) Antibiotics: To treat a variety of infections

  • Specialized Therapy: To include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy

  • Teaching and Training: Education on management of new complex conditions

  • Coordination and Ongoing Assessment of Complex Plans of Care: RN oversight and team collaboration     to modify care plans as frequently as patients need

  • Why North Big Horn Hospital?

    "Close to home with those you know"

    Our Transitional Care program is supported with evidence based best practices through a partnership with Allevant Solutions developed by Mayo Clinic and Select Medical.

    For 2019, NBHH had a readmission rate of 9.0% compared to the CAH average of 18.6%.

    NBHH is also proud to report that in 2019 our transitional care patients had 0 falls with injury and 0 health care associated infections!

    NBHH Transitional Care Team, led by the Patient Care Coordinator and your Primary Care Provider, will provide services meant just for you, based on your specific needs.

    You and your family are key members of the team! It is very important for you to be involved in your care as we help you select, measure, and adjust personal goals. To support this, our team will visit you and your family during weekly Bedside Rounds.

    Bedside Rounds is a place and time to:

  • Get questions answered
  • Talk about your goals
  • Make sure you understand the plan
  • Talk about what you might need after Transitional Care
  • Learn ways the team keeps you safe
  • Celebrate success!

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    How long do patients typically stay in Transitional Care?
    Most stays in Transitional Care are a few days to a few weeks, however, some patients may stay longer if they have daily qualifying skilled care needs. NBHH Transitional Care maximizes your wellness with a goal of discharging you home or to the safest, least restrictive living environment possible.

    Is Transitional Care covered by my insurance plan?
    Transitional Care is predominantly covered by the Medicare "Swing Bed" benefit. Some other insurance providers may cover this care as well. If you are having a planned hospitalization and think you might need care after your stay, we can confirm if Transitional Care would be covered so you can plan accordingly.

    How is Transitional Care different from the care received at a Skilled Nursing Facility or nursing home?
    Our hospital can deliver Transitional Care with high levels of safety, quality, and flexibility with hospital-based resources including on-site lab, radiology, and immediate access to providers and other caregivers.

    Our hospital-based Transitional Care program provides two to three times available nurse hours per patient day compared to most skilled nursing facilities.

    We hold Bedside Rounds with patient, family and care team on a scheduled basis to increase understanding of your plan of care, identify areas of concern, and create a plan for a safe discharge.

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