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Specialty Clinics

Outreach Specialty Clinics are held monthly at North Big Horn Hospital Clinic

North Big Horn Hospital Clinic offers comprehensive health care services at one convenient location. The clinic is adjoined with North Big Horn Hospital, allowing easy access to the lab, radiology, and other departments. We are dedicated to helping you have a healthy future. Outreach specialty clinic doctors hold weekly clinics at North Big Horn Hospital.

Outreach Specialists for October 2022.

*dates are subject to change due to covid-19, please contact the individual provider's office at the phone number listed under "Providers".**

Kristian Scott-Tillery, MD - Cardiology - October 7
Lael Beachler, D.P.M. - Podiatry - October 5 & 20
Jake Fagan, MD - Dermatology -October 6
Mark Ryzewicz, MD - Orthopedics - October 13 & 27
Clint Merritt, PA - Orthopedics - October 13 & 27
*Randy Folker, MD - ENT - October 4
Jennifer Tryder, FNP - Holistic Pain Management - October 10 & 24
Adam Crawford, CRNA - Holistic Pain Management -October 12 & 26
Jenny Titus, DNP, FPMHNP-BC -October 4
Laura Pleban, ANP, OB/GYN -October 20
Michael Belsky, MD Rheumatology - November
Sam Abuerreish, MD Oncology - October 25
Patrick Cobb, MD - Oncology - Telemed Available

Hearing Aid Clinic - call 1-800-331-6009 for more information.